Johnson: Stop Increasing the Deficit

In Deficit, Gary Johnson, Government spending, Health care, Our America, Press Release on December 16, 2009 by Josiah Schmidt

On his new blog at, Gary Johnson issued a press release today urging Congress to weigh the options for health care reform carefully, and not burden the future with higher and higher deficits:


December 16th, 2009, Santa Fe, NM—Gary Johnson, former Republican Governor of New Mexico, and Honorary Chairman of the OUR America Initiative is a strong advocate of fighting deficit spending. Johnson asks for “rational thinking and not politics as usual” regarding the sudden urgency in Washington to pass a wrongly drafted health care plan. “There seems to be enormous pressure to resolve this matter quickly regardless of the ramifications. The proposed health care plan could have long lasting detrimental consequences to our economic health,” Johnson stated. “We don’t need more of a deficit –we need less of one. I urge the Senate to take the time needed to seriously review these potential concerns and not rush to pass this faulty plan.”

Johnson supports measures that encourage private sector management of health care involving free-markets. The current health care system is in strong need of repair, and Johnson would like to see Congress develop plans that focus on affordability, portability, and control by the individual rather than government or an employer.


The OUR America Initiative is a national issue based advocacy committee. Key issues include: Solving the Economic Crisis and Creating Jobs; Lowering the Federal Deficit; Civil Liberties; Fighting the War on Drugs; Immigration Policy; and Taxes. Additional information regarding the committee’s position on each of these issues can be found at

About Honorary Chairman Gary Johnson: Gary Johnson, a Republican and two-term Governor of New Mexico from 1994-2002, serves as the Honorary Chairman of the OUR America Initiative. He has been a consistent and outspoken advocate for efficient government and lowering taxes.

As Governor of New Mexico, Johnson was known for his common-sense business approach to governing. He eliminated New Mexico’s budget deficit and cut the rate of growth in state government by 50%. While in office, Governor Johnson vetoed 750 bills based on his promise to not increase taxes and cut the cost of government (which was more than all the vetoes of the other 49 Governors combined). Mr. Johnson is an entrepreneur who grew a company from one employee to over 1000 employees at the time he took the office of Governor in 1994.

If you would like more information regarding the OUR America Initiative, or to schedule an interview with Gary Johnson please email


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