Important Voices: Interviews Jaynee Germond, Candidate for US Congress, Oregon-4

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Today is releasing the first interview in what will be a series of posts called “Important Voices,” where we talk with key figures, such as elected officials, candidates, authors, commentators, and media personalities, about the issues of the day.  A new interview will be released every Monday and every Thursday, so check back often!


Our first guest for the Important Voices interview series is Jaynee Germond.  She’s a Republican candidate for US Congress in Oregon’s 4th district.  Jaynee was born in Flint, Michigan.  She spent 25 years working in the health care industry, and another 3 years teaching.  She has a bachelor of arts in human resource administration from Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  An ardent and eloquent spokesperson for liberty and limited government, she earned 13% of the vote in 2008, running as the Constitution Party candidate for US Congress in Oregon’s 4th district.  This year, she’s running as a Republican, and has been endorsed by Ron Paul.

Josiah Schmidt: Thanks for joining us, Jaynee.  What compelled you to enter elective politics?

Jaynee Germond: I have always been interested in politics, as far as reading issues and voting, but that was as far as it went. Running for public office was not on my top ten list of things to do before I die.  As I watched what is happening in our country I was getting frustrated as so many Americans are. Looking at the candidates running for office, I was angry at the lack of those who value the Constitution and are willing to work to keep the governement within the chains of that document. “Someone has to do something,” everybody was saying, and I understood that “I” am “someone”.

Josiah Schmidt: What issues are most important to Oregonians right now?

Jaynee Germond: Jobs and the economy, of course, are important issues to everyone across the country. Oregon is known for its timber. The federal government has taken possession of much of Oregon’s land and has violated the O&C Act which demands that the timber on that land be harvested and the profits be returned to the counties. Now, the federal government doles out funding through the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000, commonly known as the “Safety Net” or “county payments”.  Between the illegal federal land grab and the environmentalists, mills have closed and thousands of Oregonians are jobless.

Josiah Schmidt: What do you offer that your opponents do not?

Jaynee Germond: I am a candidate who is new to the political scene. I owe no one and no one owns me. I believe in the Constitution; I read it, I carry it, I refer to it often. I believe that if I earn something, I can determine how it should be spent. I believe that people–and business owners–have the liberty to make their own decisions and the responsibility to live with the consequences of those decisions. I believe in NO taxpayer funded bailouts for anyone.

Josiah Schmidt:  So, what’s your view on government spending?

Jaynee Germond: Besides out of control? In the private sector, we actually use a budget. Sometimes, when times are tight, we have to do without things that we would like. So must the government. If we went back to Constitutional spending, we would have no budget problem.

Josiah Schmidt: Agreed.  How about foreign policy?

Jaynee Germond: The founding fathers were very clear on how we should handle foreign relations. My favorite quote regarding this issue is: “Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations–entangling alliances with none, I deem [one of] the essential principles of our government, and consequently [one of] those which ought to shape its administration.” Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address.  I believe in fair trade with foreign nations (as opposed to free trade). I believe that all wars should be Constitutionally declared and that especially in instances of terrorism, we should utilize our Marques of Reprisal option rather than committing our armed services to endless occupation and foreign entanglements.

Josiah Schmidt:  Some wise words.  Now, virtually everyone agrees that the health care system in America is broken and in need of some kind of reform.  But what kind of reform would you like to see?

Jaynee Germond: My healthcare platform includes the following planks: One. Bring insurance companies under the Sherman Anti-Trust laws like every other business. Two. Make insurance portable so that it can be purchased across state lines. When I moved from Michigan to Oregon 5 years ago, my car and health insurance premiums each decreased by exactly one half. If we could buy across state lines, the competition would force prices to drop–if used in conjunction with the Sherman Anti-Trust law. Three. Tort reform. Those who have been injured permanently and catastrophically should never be left without medical coverage, but no one should get rich on a malpractice suit. Tort reform has worked remarkably in Texas and doctors flocked to the Lone Star state in the first 3 years since tort reform was enacted in 2004. Four. It is also within the scope of Congress’s enumerated powers to allow providers who provide pro bono care to indigent patients a federal tax credit equal to the Medicare/Medicaid payment that would otherwise be paid. Five. We also need to make sure that all recipients of non-emergency care are citizens. We cannot afford to continue to provide “free” care, which as I stated before is not free.

Josiah Schmidt: Good thoughts.  What needs to be done with the Federal Reserve?

Jaynee Germond: The Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional entity that needs to be abolished.

Josiah Schmidt: It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that!  I agree.  If you were in Congress right now, what are a couple bills you would co-sponsor or support?

Jaynee Germond: I have already signed as a cosponsor of PA-6 candidate Pat Sellers’s “Get Well America Resolution” to repeal Obamacare. I would support legislation to return all money not spent on the stimulus plans to reduce the deficit. I would support bills to bring charges of bribery against the 111th Congress members that bought votes on the various unconstitutional bills passed these past couple of years. I would work to repeal the Patriot Act.

Josiah Schmidt: Sounds great!  If elected, what would be your number one priority issue as a US Congresswoman?

Jaynee Germond: The number one priority is to return our country to one of a free market system. No more federal governmental involvement in private industry. No bailouts, nobody, no time.

Josiah Schmidt: So, how did you come to hold such a liberty-oriented philosophy?

Jaynee Germond: I really don’t know! I guess I was raised to believe in personal liberty and personal responsibility.

Josiah Schmidt: How fortunate! Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Jaynee Germond: Don’t give up! This is an exciting time in American politics, in the history of our nation. We came close to losing everything. We the people are awake, we are paying attention, we are angry, and we are taking back our country! The 2010 elections are not about me or any other candidate. It is not about the Democrats, the Republicans or the Independents. This coming election is about America and the direction we are going. “We the People” have the choice. We can stick our heads in the sand or we can come out fighting, grabbing our friends, family and neighbors along the way. I am taking the latter way, are you?

Josiah Schmidt: I know I am!  Where can people go to find out more about you and contribute to your campaign?

Jaynee Germond: You can read more about me at and contribute by using the donate tab at the top of the page.

Josiah Schmidt: Thanks for your time, Jaynee, and good luck with the campaign! 


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  1. It only goes to show where there’s will there’s a way. Keep on trying.

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