02/08/10 Gary Johnson Daily News Roundup

In Daily News Roundup, Gary Johnson, Gary Johnson 2012 on February 8, 2010 by Josiah Schmidt


One Response to “02/08/10 Gary Johnson Daily News Roundup”

  1. Gary Johnson would be a much needed breath of fresh air to Washington. A leader who’s not afraid to tell it like it is… and follow through on his promises.

    But Johnson must be willing to follow through on his promises and do what he says… even if that means picking a fight, constitutional or otherwise, with this Congress that cannot seem to accomplish anything except systematically eroding our rights.

    And, on the particular subject of the drug war, I would simply say that the time is coming folks, sooner than we think… look at what’s happening now in Mexico, the drug dealers have practically taken control of the entire country… and these Mexican drug cartels have now infiltrated and are operating in hundreds of US cities in all 50 states… if the US doesn’t do something to end this insane no-win War on Drugs, than the promise of this Mexico-style lawlessness awaits us next, I’m sure.

    Frankly, I’d rather contend with my teenagers trying drugs and teaching them the dangers myself, and helping them learn safe behavior… than deal with the government and cops trying to lock my kids up, “confiscate” their money and subjecting them to God-knows-what in prison… and the same goes for your kids, too. These are OUR children, have we all forgotten that???

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