Ron Paul wins the CPAC Straw Poll!

In Gary Johnson, Gary Johnson 2012, GOP, Ron Paul on February 20, 2010 by Josiah Schmidt

Great news for liberty.  The winner of the 2012 presidential straw poll at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference is Ron Paul, with 31% of the vote.  The rest of the candidates polled as follows:

Ron Paul – 31%
Mitt Romney – 22%
Sarah Palin – 7%
Tim Pawlenty – 6%
Mike Pence – 5%
Newt Gingrich -4%
Mike Huckabee – 4%
Mitch Daniels – 2%
Rick Santorum – 2%
John Thune – 2%
Haley Barbour – 1%

The conference organizers did not allow Gary Johnson to be an option, but this was probably for the best, so as not to split the libertarian vote.  There is a great sea change taking place in the American political realm, and the ideas of liberty are strong!


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