Gary Johnson: Energy Entrepreneurship is the Solution to America’s Clean Energy Needs

In Economy, Energy, Environment, Gary Johnson, Government spending, Our America, Press Release, Taxes on February 23, 2010 by Josiah Schmidt

From Gary Johnson’s website today:

One important question for our era is: How do we create clean, affordable, renewable energy? It would seem that Silicon Valley engineer, K.R. Sridhar has found an answer to that question, the Bloom Box. With its dazzling premiere on 60 minutes Sunday evening, the Bloom Box is making a big splash on the Internet as the next best solution to our energy needs. It’s a small fuel cell that produces a lot of energy, allowing its users to unplug from the power grid and cheaply generate energy themselves.

CBS News reports that it has already been quietly purchased and tested by several companies in California, including Google, FedEx, and eBay- which claims to have saved $100,000 in energy costs in just a few months after powering 15% of their main campus’ energy needs with the Bloom Box. Whether the Bloom Box lives up to the hype or not, one thing remains clear: that private entrepreneurship will solve our energy problems and keep our land, air, and water clean. Small business, not big government, is the solution.

Directives from a climate conference in Copenhagen may have an only marginal impact on global CO2 emissions (especially if some developing countries don’t comply), but they would have a tremendous impact on the daily lives of people like you and me. By raising the costs of energy as much as 25% cap and trade schemes would cripple the American economy and break the budgets of families that are already struggling to make ends meet. What do we say to the poor elderly couple in Iowa who would have to choose between food and heat during a deadly cold winter?

Innovators like K.R. Sridhar and his company, Bloom Energy, offer a better alternative. Instead of limiting our environmental impact in a way that hurts the finances of American households and businesses, energy entrepreneurs seek to limit our environmental impact by creating value for Americans. The beauty of energy efficiency is that it needs no directive from a government central planner, because energy efficiency is cost efficiency, and Americans already have an incentive to cut costs. In the end, it will be people like you and me who want to save money in our homes and small businesses that will drive a true and lasting revolution in energy efficiency and sustainability.

The best thing the government can do to ensure this happens, is to not stand in its way. Lower taxes, less spending, fewer strangling regulations, an end to all the credit-hogging by the US Treasury, and other business-friendly policies will make sure the American economy is strong and awash with the capital and credit it needs to fuel entrepreneurship, while breaking down the barriers that keep new entrepreneurs from getting off the ground.


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