Rightosphere interview with Gary Johnson

In Civil liberties, Cultural issues, Drug reform, Economy, Federal Reserve, Foreign policy, Gary Johnson, Gary Johnson 2012, GOP, Government spending, Health care, Inflation, Interviews, Our America, Taxes on March 2, 2010 by Josiah Schmidt

I had the privilege of conducting an interview with Gary Johnson on behalf of the new conservative news/blog site,

Josiah Schmidt: Thanks for talking with us, Governor. What are your plans for the next year?

Gov. Gary Johnson: I will be getting out on the road, and seeing what interest there is for the OUR America Initiative. I believe citizens are ready to play a part in common-sense approaches to our nation’s challenges.

JS: Your two kids are helping you out with your new political advocacy committee at Tell us a little about your children and your home life.

GJ: My daughter Seah is 30 years old, and she is constantly on the phone giving me helpful suggestions. My son Erik actually quit his job and is working for OUR America out of Denver. I am also engaged to be married to Kate Prusack. We’re extremely happy, and we’ve been together long enough to know that it’s right.

JS: Well, congratulations! That’s great news. Tell us about the company you built. What kind of tough administrative decisions have you had to make as an entrepreneur?

GJ: I’ve had to make so many tough administrative decisions that I couldn’t even begin to tell you where that starts and ends. Basically, I started my company in 1974 with one employee. By 1994, we had over 1000 people. I have always considered myself an entrepreneur and continue to do so.

JS: When you ran for Governor, you reportedly ran 100% positive campaigns, never mentioning your opponents in print or ads. How did that work?

GJ: That’s what did happen. No money was spent in talking about my opponent in print, radio or TV. I would talk about opponents in speeches, etc., in order to compare the two of us and to compare our positions, but good politics is talking about what it is you plan to do, not running on the basis of how terrible your opponent is. That is just good politics. I don’t know any other example in the country other than mine that …

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