Important Voices: interviews Collins Bailey, candidate for US Congress, Maryland-5

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This is interview #17 in’s “Important Voices” series, where we talk with key figures, such as elected officials, candidates, authors, commentators, and policy experts, about the issues of the day.  A new interview is released every Monday and every Thursday, so check back often!


Our guest for today’s Important Voices interview is Collins Bailey.  Collins is a self-employed lumber broker, a  member of the Charles County Christian Businessmen’s Association, and has sat on the Charles County Board of Education since 1994.  He graduated from La Plata Highschool, and currently lives in Waldorf.  In 2008, Collins won his three-way Republican primary with 44% of the vote, and faced longtime Democratic incumbent Steny Hoyer.  Collins is running for the same seat again this year.

Josiah Schmidt: What compelled you to enter elective politics?

Collins Bailey: Spending is out of control in Congress.  Our elected representatives have proven that they are unable or unwilling to cut spending and obey the Constitution.

Josiah Schmidt: What issues are most important to Marylanders?

Collins Bailey: Obeying our Constitution, cutting spending, limiting the federal government.  My AOL and website give responses to questions and issues that I have been asked about:

Josiah Schmidt: What do you offer that your opponents do not?

Collins Bailey: Congressman Hoyer first entered politics when I was 7 years old.  I support individual responsibility, sound money, economic and personal liberty.  I will obey our Constitution, cut spending, and restore our Constitutional heritage.

Josiah Schmidt: How did you come to hold such a liberty-oriented philosophy?

Collins Bailey: The study of our Founding Fathers, our founding documents, their Christian faith, and a commitment to Jesus Christ in my life at age 27, all have had an impact on my love for my fellow man and have given me a commitment to promoting respect for each individual.

Josiah Schmidt: What is the first thing you will do as a US Congressman?

Collins Bailey: Cut spending, restore the 10th amendment, balance the budget, fix Social Security, start paying off the national debt.

Josiah Schmidt: Which area of government spending would you most like to cut?

Collins Bailey: All spending that violates the 10th amendment.  Corporate welfare, foreign aid, interest on the national debt.

Josiah Schmidt: How should health care be reformed?

Collins Bailey: Meddling by the federal government causes health care cost to rise, reduces access and reduces quality.  I would promote individual choice.  To start with I will vote to give all Americans a full tax deduction for any healthcare related insurance and a full tax credit for any cash payments for healthcare.

Josiah Schmidt: What changes would you like to see in our government’s foreign policy?

Collins Bailey: In 2000 the American people voted for a president that promised a “more humble foreign policy, judicious use of troops and avoid nation building.”  We need to make ourselves a smaller target by:

1.)  Letting corporations and foreign interests hire their own troops rather than having the American taxpayer subsidize them with our military.

2.)  Stop giving foreign aid to both sides of a conflict.

3.)  Avoid meddling with the internal affairs of other nations.

4.)  Stop giving aid to our future enemies.

5.)  We have a total of over 700 bases.  We have bases in over 130 nations.  Our military budget is more than all the other nations in the world combined.  Being more judicious with the use of our military and making a smaller footprint will also help to make us a smaller target.

6.)  Walk softly and carry a big stick.

Josiah Schmidt: Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Collins Bailey: Please visit my website:  Find a candidate you can support and tell others.  If you can’t find one, run for office yourself.  Restoring our Constitutional heritage is worth it.


One Response to “Important Voices: interviews Collins Bailey, candidate for US Congress, Maryland-5”

  1. I am so happy Bailey is running. I am tired of the government watching out for themselves. Our current Congressman can’t even be bothered to read a bill and we’re supposed to “obey his courage?” Those are his words, not mine. I didn’t even say that word when I got married! I’m a Democrat and I am tired of Hoyer using his office to further himself. I want someone who will work for my need. I want someone who won’t put my great-great-great-great-great grandchildren in debt! I want Baliey for Congress!

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