Gary Johnson: Continue the Fight for Liberty

In 2010 elections, Deficit, Economy, Energy, Environment, Gary Johnson, Government spending, Health care, Our America on March 23, 2010 by Josiah Schmidt

From Gary Johnson’s blog on today:

It is tempting to lose heart after seeing Washington rack up a trillion dollars more in debt this weekend, while claiming that its new health care bill will actually save America money in the long run. It is especially discouraging to see Congress using back-room deals and arm-twisting to pass a bill that a majority of Americans didn’t even want. This is not how our government should work.

But don’t lose heart or feel like the fight is over. In truth, it has only just begun. Continue to put pressure on your elected representatives and let them know how you feel about this legislation. Continue to share a message and vision of health care freedom with the people you know. Continue to support candidates that you believe will respect the will of the American people, work for the general welfare instead of special interests, and follow the dictates of the Constitution. Let us not forget that there is a very important election this year and we all need to participate at let our voices be heard.

There are many alternative solutions to fix America’s problems, especially with its broken health care industry, and it’s never too late to draw attention to these solutions and pressure Congress to enact them. To give just one example: health insurance companies seem to have so much power over their customers because if the customers don’t like the prices or quality of their coverage, they are usually not free to buy competing health insurance from outside their state.

By simply requiring states to end their blockade of health insurance coverage across state lines- a Constitutional solution, provided for in the Commerce Clause of Article I- we would free Americans to buy a plan that works for them, instead of just one that is compliant with their state’s endless mandates and regulations. Insurance companies could no longer hide behind state lines from competition. If an insurer charged too much or had a reputation for bullying customers at their time of most desperate need, its customers would have other options.

It is amazing that easy, non-partisan, common-sense solutions like this have received very little attention at all, getting drowned out by partisan controversy over legislation of dubious benefit to our country. But if people like you and me keep on spreading the word about solutions like these (by e-mailing this article to a couple friends, for instance), we can build momentum toward true reform in our nation’s capitol.

Also brace yourself for other partisan, special interest bills. After getting what it wanted over the protests of the American public, Congress will now be emboldened to move forward on economically devastating cap-and-trade legislation and other so-called reforms that will only destroy more American wealth and assume more unconstitutional powers for an already out-of-control government in Washington. Please stay in touch with us here at Our America Initiative, by becoming a fan of our Facebook page and following us on Twitter. We will continue to keep you up-to-date as the battle for our freedom continues.


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