Important Voices: interviews Eric Wargotz, candidate for US Senate, Maryland

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This is interview #24 in’s “Important Voices” series, where we talk with key figures, such as elected officials, candidates, authors, commentators, and policy experts, about the issues of the day.  A new interview is released every Monday and every Thursday, so check back often!


Eric Wargotz (left) with Gary Johnson (right)

Our guest for today’s Important Voices interview is Eric Wargotz.  Eric is a former Governor’s Appointee to the Board of Physician Quality Assurance, and is a physician-businessman managing several medical businesses. He served as a Laboratory Medical Director for 17 years responsible for administering and managing a busy hospital department including operating and capital budgets, management team and employees totaling over 100 at times, and scrutinizing department and hospital activities to ensure proper utilization of resources. He currently serves as an independent consultant and contractor in that field. He is former President of the Queen Anne’s County Medical Society (QACMS 2000 – 2004) and is Clinical Professor of Pathology at the George Washington University Medical Center.  Eric Wargotz received his M.D. from the Ohio State University College of Medicine and is a graduate of Rutgers University. He completed his post graduate medical training, including Chief Residency, at the Veterans Administration Medical Center of Washington D.C. and the George Washington University Medical Center where he received the Frank N. Miller, M.D. Award for Excellence in Medical Student Teaching. Following completion of a Fellowship in the Department of Gynecological and Breast Pathology at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) he joined their staff. They awarded him the Director’s Letter of Commendation upon his departure from the AFIP. He has published over two dozen scholarly articles in the medical scientific literature and is a recognized authority on diseases of the breast and gynecological disorders. He was rated as one of “Americas Top Physicians, 2004-2005 and 2005-2006” by the Consumer’s Research Council, Washington D.C.  Eric is now running for US Senate in Maryland.

Josiah Schmidt: What compelled you to enter elective politics?

Eric Wargotz: I was raised to believe that if you do not like what you see then work to change it.  As a physician and county commissioner, a citizen-legislator, I seek first to do no harm (taken from the Hippocratic Oath.)

Josiah Schmidt: What issues are most important to Marylanders?

Eric Wargotz: Concerns regarding the new health-care law, the economy (jobs, taxes, fiscal responsibility), national security, and the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

Josiah Schmidt: What do you offer that your opponents do not?

Eric Wargotz: I am the only elected official in the race other than the incumbent Senator in the majority party. As a physician and elected official on the local level I will bring different perspectives to Washington. We have a state-wide campaign in place and are ahead in fund-raising. We are best positioned to get the job done.

Josiah Schmidt: How did you come to hold such a liberty-oriented philosophy?

Eric Wargotz: As a firm believer in less government and more individual responsibility I believe as Ronald Reagan did that “Government is not the answer.” In my life and as an elected official on the local level, I practice what I preach.

Josiah Schmidt: What is the first thing you will do as a US Senator?

Eric Wargotz: Repeal, Revise, and Rejoice (the new 3 R’s) with a brand new health care solution which will be in contrast to the one which has passed into law recently.

Josiah Schmidt: How should health care be reformed?

Eric Wargotz: Interstate portability and sale of insurance across state lines, removal of antitrust protection for insurance companies, and tax-free Health (Medical) Savings Accounts (HSA/MSA) are measures which would reduce health care costs.  We need meaningful tort reform and related judicial reform, and adequate solutions to solving the health care provider manpower crisis. (also see: )

Josiah Schmidt: Which area of government spending would you most like to cut?

Eric Wargotz: The U.S. Department of Education has a budget of $68.6 billion (according to the Dept. of Education website).  Each state has their own mandate to provide for public education. There is little need if any for a “National” Department of Ed.

Josiah Schmidt: What can be done to increase transparency and accountability in government?

Eric Wargotz: The Amendment proposed by Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) was reasonable and would have required that the legislative language and a final, complete cost analysis of the a bill be made publicly available on the Senate Finance Committee’s website at least 72 hours prior to any Committee vote. This proposal was defeated through maneuvering of my opponent (also see: )  Auditing the Federal Reserve is an additional measure which makes sense as a transparency measure — “Sound Banks, Sound Money” as Gov. Johnson says.

Josiah Schmidt: Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Eric Wargotz: We are at a historic crossroad in the future of our nation.  Fiscal responsibility must be restored, free-market forces must prevail. Big government is not the solution. I believe in a better America.  Together, let’s make America healthy and strong.

Josiah Schmidt: Where can people go to find out more about you and contribute to your campaign?

Eric Wargotz: Your support is greatly appreciated.  Remember, my US Senate race is not just about Maryland, but also about securing the future of our nation . Please visit, support, and contribute at


6 Responses to “Important Voices: interviews Eric Wargotz, candidate for US Senate, Maryland”

  1. Awesome! This guy Wargotz is exactly what the Nation needs. Wargotz for Maryland and the Nation!

  2. This interview is well done and candidate Commissioner Dr. Wargotz is indeed a remarkable person. I wish him well. All of us should support him and donate at his website I have!

  3. Fund Raising is always needed to support existing and future projects.`”.

  4. i always attend fund raising events because i would like to be involved in it,~-

  5. You have my vote!! Good Luck. I support you all the way.
    Most of us don’t like what we see in Politics either, so we hope you make the changes we all need to make America a better place to live.. health care must be changed for the better. “Concerns regarding the new health-care law, the economy (jobs, taxes, fiscal responsibility), national security, and the health of the Chesapeake Bay.”

  6. when there are fund raising events in our community, i always see to it that i participate in it “,*

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