Replacing the 2010 Races page with a Community page

In Blog news, Gary Johnson, Gary Johnson 2012, Our America on April 3, 2010 by Josiah Schmidt

As some of you may have noticed, has removed its 2010 Races page, and replaced it with a Community page.

While we intend to do what we can to help spread the word about libertarian Republican 2010 candidates, the endorsements that was giving were creating too much confusion with various candidates, who believed that Gary Johnson had endorsed them himself. is a solely grassroots supporters’ website, which is not affiliated with or endorsed by Gary Johnson or any committee affiliated with Gary Johnson.  Because Gary Johnson is the honorary chairman of the Our America Initiative PAC, he is legally prohibited from endorsing any candidates for public office.  So, while the removal of the 2010 Races page does not mean that the administrators of this grassroots website no longer support the candidates who had been listed, it does mean that will not be offering any official endorsements, in an effort to help legally protect Gary Johnson and make things easier for his Our America Initiative.  However, we do encourage our readers to frequently visit another website,, which has a great array of liberty-oriented candidates that are worthy of our support!

In place of the 2010 Races link, we have provided a “Community” link, which links to the forum on our fantastic sister site,  The forums will increasingly become the hub of Gary Johnson for President grassroots activity, as the 2012 election draws closer and closer.  We encourage you to head on over there, sign up for a forum account, and join the fun!


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